Geosearch - your own "OldMapsOnline"

The search engine for your own map collections can be embedded directly into your website. Visitors can zoom in to the area of their interest and available maps will be displayed on the right-hand panel. Choose a place, select the time range, search, get the most relevant results and explore map collections faster than ever before. The map overlay is directly displayed on top of the map here.
No need to install
The whole process runs in a web browser, giving an instant response on the user’s screen without installing any additional software.
Full-screen geosearch
Can be opened directly using the link and runs in a separate window:
Touch screen optimized
Use For iPad and touch devices including large TV for exhibitions and presentations.
Colors and branding
They are customized for the institution as part of the pilot setup.
Copy the following code with an iframe and add it to your website: